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pet drawings from photos


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pet drawings from photos


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this is a $50 set of shades for a lot less. I immediately ordered a spare
These a thick socks but not the thickest I have ever known. I had them on when it was 45 but I was cycling with wind chill about 25F. They seemed to be very good for the time I was spending out there in the cooler weather. I would recommend these socks based on the limited time I have had them.
Loved it, this hat matched my outfit perfectly and is durable
They fit. What else could one want
It was perfect for my credit cards and fit in my pocket for perfect fit. It does not feel bulky just a perfect fit for your pocket.
My 2 little girls love it and wear it to bed every night!
Holds a lot and takes up very little space. great wallet!
I ordered 5 medium shirts and somehow i of them was a large. Out of the 4 right sized shirts 1 of them had a super tight collar. I could barely fit the mf over my head. And the 2 other ones with good collars felt like the tag was printed on the wromg side. It felt like im wearing the shirt backwards. No worth it. I couldve went to Burlington or marahals and spent the same price maybe a little more for WAYYYY better quality. L will not ask for a refund. Or try to return. Im not wasting money and time to do all of that. Really wish all these shirts fit right tho because they feel good and look good but you guys have to make sure are good before they go.
loveeee this crewneck. great material. i ordered a large and im 57 125 pounds, i wanted it big and oversized on me and its perfect
Good quality and priced sun glasses. They fit nicely and I would purchase more of them!
Really happy with it for the price. Feels good and solid; not cheap at all.
I performed a search in Amazon for "men's wallets" I've owned Bellroy before and loved the wallet, this however was a card carrier, NOT a wallet. There is no place to put any bills.
My biggest concern was the bag falling apart. NOPE I have put so much stuff in this bag and it still looks great! I love the side pockets! Its so deep my stuff gets lost in it! I can put 3 diapers and wipes in and still ha e space for my tablet! The perfect purse to still feel like a cute mom! Only negative it the little 2 pocket section came unstitched so now its one big pocket. No big to me.
Very nice!!
These socks themselves are great and very comfortable. The problem is that the description title says 12 PAIRS when in fact you receive 12 socks or only 6 PAIRS. I would have never paid twenty-five dollars for 6 pairs of socks. Especially when I've now discovered Walmart carries a 5 pair pack for under nine dollars.
great product -
This is the best wallet I have ever owned. It fits comfortably in my front pocket and I can easily access my cards.
I'm 5'11 fit great , Soft and not to heavy , very warm and comfortable
I like that its true to its size. Very nice ring and a very fair price. I would tita recommend yall but this ring for your girlfriend or wife, pretty sure they will be very happy to have such a cute ring
I have had several pairs of Levis 501 shrink to fit jeans, and have always loved them. Unfortunately I was shipped a pair of used jeans. The jeans arrived with not tags (they were stuffed in the pockets), and there was a loose hair tangled in the fly. I figured they had just been returned, and I would just make the best of it so I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of returning them. The real problem is that I discovered they had already been washed! After I soaked them and did my normal break in process, they did not change size at all. They had clearly already been washed or soaked. they have also had a very strong perfume like smell since they arrived, and it has remained after a trip through the washer.
I believe my Amazon clothes shopping days are over.
Great sunglasses for the price! The work really well
Bought this for my fianc who hates elastic banded boxers and was hesitant to wear these. Within a week these were his favorites. Reported to be unexpectedly comfortable
Love it
it 's like my reg socks none difference
The packaging had weird blue stuff on it but the shorts werent damaged. They are good not great
Very nice
Just what the boys needed! Very breathable!
Super fit and super comfortable. Grandson loves them and,he's not into shorts,normally.