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This is a sleek and neat wallet. I am truly excited. A few scratches probably from the manufacturing process or from my end. Either way I love it. I will update after a month use
I do like this bag, it is really cute the quality is good but it was smaller than I was anticipating and the main opening is smaller than what I'm used to. All around cute bag, i will definitely keep it but i will also look for something a little bigger!
Such a cute handbag, perfect size as it isn't too small and looks just as pretty as the picture. The colour is also a muted pink which makes it far more versatile in my opinion. Really fast international shipping too as I ordered it on Sunday and arrived on Thursday which was a week before the expected date.
Been. Using these for years but recently the shirts changed. Not sure if amazon is selling knock offs or if Hanes cheaper out. Very disappointed, these were my favorite shirts and the only ones I would wear. I am going to contact Hanes to see if I can get to the bottom of this. Will update with more info if I get any.
Good quality
For some reason after wearing a few months the socks starts fitting very loose
I really like the transaction
Great hat
Fits really well in a pocket, holds the essentials (ID, couple cards, a few bills). Much better than something bulky for going to work.
These socks are so warm that I wear them with nothing else on and when people see me on the street they scream because of how amazing my socks are.
Great price, average quality BUT THREE shirts came with a hole in this same spot. Had to be a manufacturing defect as it did not penetrate through the back and was on at least 3 shirts. DO NOT BUY!!!
they look better in the image but, theyre only to sleep in so what the heck, its all good.
perfect price. perfect size and perfect quality. i will deff buy again.
These sweatpants have NO pockets! :(
What can you say... they fit and they're boxers.
When I first received this product and before any cards were inserted I performed a simple test.
I placed a small cell phone inside and closed it as best I could.
I tried to call the phone but it wouldn't ring. I opened the wallet and quickly pulled out the phone and managed to see a "No Service" message on the screen just before it displayed 4 bars.
I'll perform the same test occasionally to validate it's RF shielding effectiveness.
Did not fit as I expected. I tried measuring first but something was wrong. I did not like the tint; too yellow and not dark enough.
Es un artculo muy bueno, el mejor de los que tengo. Firme, bien hecho y eficaz. Para los que lo usan visible, recuerden que los seguros son negros, no metlicos, por lo tanto, estticamente diferente de otros, puesto que este est hecho para usar-se en aeropuertos sin necesitar sacarlo.
Do not see clearly out of them, but great looking!
Very comfortable. Will buy again.
Very beautiful product, but physically kind of small in the details.
We ordered this hat to protect my husband's face and ears since he works outside.
It is perfect and he really likes it.
Thrilled, amazed how much it holds. Love it
Great fit and excellent value for a 4-pack! Making the switch to these full time
Just as pictured it fit my son perfect
Fit great. Good quality. I hope to buy more in the future.
Love this set! Cute designs and a looser fit which is a nice change than the typical tight fitting girls shirts.
Works great wears good
Nice wallet.. zipper broke within the next day or so! Very disappointing.êtement-Dentelle-Pantalon