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I work in a -20 freezer an this mask works great cant feel a thing.
My cap size is XL or 23 or 7 3/8. The cap runs bit small so I ordered XL/XXL and it fits perfect.
Very compact
This fits perfect on my husband he loves it
It sure made a difference in size wise, after all card were put in, however, I still had cards left without a home.
Fits perfect and is very comfortable.
Great earrings.
My husband loves how thick and warm these socks are. Plus the cushioned fabric helps keep him comfortable all day.
Soft undershirts..recommended!
I have used my mask while blowing snow in subzero weather. It is a little thinner than I expected but still provided adequate protect from the wind and temperature. Over all I am very pleased with the ski mask.
I like the longer inseam type of shorts. they put that information in the description which other don't do
The wallet is perfect and the money clip is a great addition. Cards and ID are easily accessible, and they stay in place in the wallet!
Great hat would order again
This really does absorb sweat like nobodies business
This necklace is very.pretty. I'm very happy with it.
Worked well but fabric is not very durable for long term outside work
Did not work for me.
Rugged enough for work. Great for layering
I have other tactical belts like this but they constantly loosen up. The clamp style latch is great. The elastic stretch allows you to keep the belt tight and secure. I liked it so much I bought two more.
This bag is exactly like the small black bag that I now use. It is a convent everyday bag that holds the important items I need, and it helps me organize so that I now take ONLY the items I need, not the kitchen sink, too! I have the charcoal Touring Tote to go with this charcoal Triple Zip Bag and I' m sure I will enjoy them. (Then I can take the kitchen sink in the large, roomy tote!!)
Quality leather and craftsmanship. Not too heavy but not too light when full of change.
Just put mine on. I listen to the advice of others and cut off about 6 inches at first, then quickly put it around my waist with my jeans on to see where it fell in relation to the first loop on my pants. That's good enough for now. I have the option to go shorter in a day or two... and that's good. Other than that, it seem be fine. Ratchet mechanism clicks clean and clearly. What I appreciated most of all is that they made visible, pronounced perforations at 1 inch increments to make the facilitate the trimming process. They didn't have to take that extra step in the manufacturing process (because it doesn't really help sell the belt). But it really made it easier and more precise for me.

PS: I bought mine at the local drugstore and immediately checked out the reviews here. so grateful for that trimming advice
This key holder works great. It is easy to care and my keys are not jabbing me in the leg anymore. I would recommend it.
My nuts can breath
Way to long, can't wear them
100% not polarized as advertised. These do not help night driving in any way, shape, or form. If anything, these make night driving more dangerous. Does not block glare, just changes the glare to yellow. Quality of the glasses is mediocre at best, but that was expected at this price point. I tried them multiple nights and these are going in the trash. The case was the best part. These are just ugly glasses with yellow tinted lenses. If you want to look stupid, these might be for you, just don't use them to drive.