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Fits my 2 year old perfectly
These glasses are super trendy! They also keep me from getting headaches
Just ok. Hubby says not worth it but not sending back.
I am hardly a jockstrap expert, but I'm a mature guy who wants to be comfortable while keeping all my guys nice and safe and supported. The Papi jock, which is the nicest cotton in the world, is the perfect jock. The only problem is I own only three and I know I'm going to wear these 24/7. Perfect to sleep in, great to wear everyday if you like not to feel you're wearing anything under your pants or jeans. I cannot recommend them more highly. They are well worth every penny. You can't find a better jockstrap, trust me on this.
This is going to be a Christmas stocking stuffer. It is very cute. Ive also ordered a granddaughter one as well.
Great little purse for the money. Will buy another!
The sweatshirt looked nice and the color was perfect but it did not meet my expectation. It was kind of thin and not very warm. It is sometimes hard to tell from a picture..
I bought this shirt as gift for my father, and he really liked it, it is true to size and very comfortable. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Guys great product. I would recommend to anyone. maybe work on the packaging...I know it seems small but I've bout a $10 dollar tactical pen that had 4x more impressive packaging...I for one would say I give two shits about packaging...but if its worthwhile to anyone one or is a make or break deal with anyone... might be something to look at...again I dont care I love the product would buy again and defer buddies to get it....just trying to throw out some food for thought.
Nice belt, but not completely made of leather.
Im very upset! In the photo, the main body appears to be white in color. It is actually a grayish color. I wanted them for an upcoming event but the gray just doesnt match our outfits.
Like these jeans.
Nice soft socks. Keeps my feet warm
My problem with the glare from oncoming headlights had begun to keep me from driving at night. When I found these glasses on Amazon I figured I had nothing to lose by giving them a try and I'm glad I did! They really do make night driving a lot easier for me and a lot safer for everyone! It does take awhile to adjust to the yellow tint but the benefit is worth it.
Inexpensive, they look and feel well made. No complaints.
Probably some of the best t I've ever owned. Warm. Comfortable. Not quitters.
Usual type of tank tops and I checked them over when I had opened the package. The stitching was good (better than another brand that I had tried) without stray threads hanging off anywhere and I am glad to have opted for next size up after reading reviews. For those of us who need a tank type when we need it, its a decent product at a good price point; but you may need a size larger is all.
Good shirt at a good price. Well-made and comfortable.
Seems durable. Big enough to fit several cards and a few bills, maybe even some change. Has a total of 4 different spots for cards to make organization easy (divider in window slot, zipper pouch and open slot by key ring).
These are comfortable and elegant, they are snug yet not suffocating. I got these because I was looking for a pair of boxers that would not show lines in my slim fit jeans and joggers. These did the job and more!
Good value product
Has a chemical smell, trying to get rid of.
Very stylish!!
Beautiful bracelet. Chain is a little weak.
I liked these earrings...and then the crystals started falling out of them. At least they were cute while they lasted?
This is a great option for a kiddo who loves the Frozen characters. I must admit that one of the pairs had a design that came off after one wash.
Cute but Broke first time I wore it.
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