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Great quality. Size is as expected. Light and airy.
I bought this bag for a trip where I knew I would be walking around quite a bit. I needed something small and light but big enough to hold money, credit cards, passports, etc. This purse did the job! It was a perfect length to use as a cross body and light enough to keep my shoulder from hurting after wearing it for awhile. I was surprised at how much I liked the attached RFID wallet. There were two instances where I stepped away from the counter with the wallet out but it stayed with me because it was attached. This bag will not hold a water bottle- I would recommend something bigger if that is what you need. I was traveling with family and someone always had a backpack for drinks. I plan on keeping this bag for future trips.
Fits comfortably over my prescription glasses and are good sunglasses.
Excellent product.
Not as pictured. Small. Poorly made. Not the usual Gold toe
Good value...
These are great quality sock with outstanding packaging, they come in a single bag with no stickers or plastic tags!
Good price
Love this wallet, I might say I have looking for this kind of wallet. Quality seems great. Texture is very cool. More over its protected with RFid Blocker so, don't worry while travelling in unknown places. I just posted some pictures. Just have a look and bought one for yourself.
Nice socks if your feet get cold indoors..
I work outside in the winter and I can tell you they simply aren't up to the challenge.
There are wool socks on this site that definitely do the job, but these "blends" arent it..

I like Carhartt gear, but these are a disappointment.
maybe a 2.5....was really hoping they would help with sleep ....
only thing I noticed was everything had amber tint
could have gotten that with the cheap pair :(
It was a gift and she loved it!!!! I liked it too
Perfect stud. Always wanted a moon stud. They packaged it very well. No damage to the earring itself.
Very warm and comfy. The hole for your head is a tad small, but that's not a huge bother.
Great everyday bag with plenty of storage
The color is a little off but i can deal with it. thanks for getting them here quickly
I am very satisfied with this wallet! The actual item is exactly the same as the picture on the web, and there is no color difference. For me it is very practical and can put a lot of things. Will once again come to buy!
Nice quality but unbelievably small. I ordered these for my husband (he wears a size and 10.5) and there was no way they would fit. He gave them to me and they fit perfectly (I were a size 8).
I am pleased. The bag is fashionable and functional.
Fit good
Love it! Its really nice quality, more than what I was expecting! And its very comfortable. Cant wait to break it in and show it off.
Quality is good and true to sizes.
I wanted a wallet that would carry my credit cards, money and phone all in one. This wallet serves its purpose well.
it came in fast! very nice leather texture! stitching well placed! would recommend for gifts!
Purchased for my daughter for her b'day. I know she will like it as her phone will fit. She has a Samsung S 8.
it perfectly fit my feet and has a good protection for my heels.
Loved these but they didnt look good on me.
So far so good. I purchased the matte black frames with green lenses and have been impressed. The glasses are very stylish, offer great protection, and really make colors pop when worn. The $85 I paid was well worth it.