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One pair had an open seam but was easy to repair. If not for that, would have given 5 stars.
Full cut fit
Are comfortable
Outstanding product. Combine the spacers and your keys in whatever combination you want for best accessibility and fit - then secure them. Turn your lump of keys into an ergonomic compact multi-tool of sweet, sweet fumble-free access.
I can't effectively explain how this one tiny product has improved my life, but I can say that (except for my dog and my motorcycle) this is the best thing I have purchased in a long time.
I bought this product because am a Mail carrier and needed. I took it to work and it was raining I put it on and I was dry. I didn't get wet at all. I do recommend this product.
These fit my husband but has no pockets.
Microfiber pouches are perfect size for even the largest frames. Soft to the touch and exactly what I was looking for.
My son likes this hat and it was well made.
Looks nice, I love the colors and the $20 price tag. The price wasn't a factor in my selection, it just ended up that way. I bought it as a nuetral bag that I can take to and from the office but wasn't so formal. The top 2 inches of the bag seem to curl inward once you pick it up even when I have it nearly empty. Not sure the material will hold up over time, more so the straps don't seem very well made. I guess that's what you get at this price bracket?
Sunglasses are the style I wanted and fit very comfortably. Great bargain for the price since it comes with so many extras for storage, cleaning, and long term maintenance.
These are drip
I've been wanting a wallet like this for years now, I even used my regular wallet in my front pocket (it was quite slim), but this is just a perfect product for the price was as I ordered
Fits perfect. Comfy, and I think I like better than hanes!
no problems
Everything I expexted
Started getting these socks for the extra material on the back. Really protect your ankle from rubbing against those high cut sneakers/ shoes. Though i would wear a different sock for in the heat walking all day. If your feet sweat, these socks will capture all the sweat but the smell too.
Im on skinny side... flex waist is good for me. Kidney Transplant for Male patients just below waistline in front. Makes jeans more comfortable than regular jeans by far.
It's casual and it's light. I use it every day.
I bought these for my boyfriend's birthday. We both love the unique matte texture, & the smaller frame is ideal for those who can't seem to rock the original wayfarers.
Great belt, easy cut to size, unique mechanism... Good quality for the price.
I bought these for my wife. She loves them, especially the way they don't restrict her vision when driving. She's happy, I'm happy ;)
I like the wallet except that it was torn when I got it. In order to keep my driver's license from falling out I have to secure it with a paper clip. I did not keep the receipt so that's the reason I didn't return it.
love the shorts fit well
Very good Im happy with my purchase
These shorts offer decent value. They are a bit thinner material than I had expected but are comfortable and fit well. I like the fact they have an adjustable drawstring.
Purchased these for husband. My son recommended as hes embarking on a career that will require being outdoors a lot. These are fantastic if you are outdoors or in a profession where you are constantly exposed to sunlight. They really block the sunlight. They may seem pricey, but when you compare the cost of repairing any damage to your vision or losing your vision as a result of sun exposure, the cost.... its a drop in the bucket.
Huge ugly used sunglasses
Loved it, will probably order more in the future
Great just what i wanted