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My daughter loves them
These are the niches socks I've ever had. Try to get them at a low price. It changes daily.
Great socks!
Arrived on time and is lovely. Gift for my Granddaughter.
Excellent for IWB carry with so much available adjustment.
The wallet appears to be made out of a much tougher leather than other wallets I have had but it isn't really thicker because of it. The material does tend to bind against my pocket and pull the pocket half inside-out when I pull the wallet out of my pocket, I expect this to diminish over time as the surface of the wallet wears a bit. The apparent build quality and material choices lead me to feel that this is going to last longer than most wallets I have had.

I like that one of the ID windows is the full size of a card which many wallets don't have

I have not experienced the gooey/sticky/discolored cards that other people have described.
This is my 4th Travelon bag. I really like the canvas fabric - it has a more natural feel. The size is perfect, somewhere between a hobo and clutch. The anti-theft features provide peace of mind. European travel can be distracting, this gave us one less thing to worry about. I previously purchased the Hobo bag in this line, took it to Europe and ditched it in favor of the Travelon sling pack we got my husband. It was just too big.

I have two complaints about this bag. The ugly logo sewn on the front, which I promptly removed. And this bag is too right handed. I wear it cross-body over my right shoulder, which puts the bulky buckle in the front. And the zippers run back to front instead of front to back. I am used to dealing with this kind of thing, but what I liked about the hobo bag is the strap was removable, so I could position the buckle out of my way.

Overall this is a great product, easy to keep clean (I just popped it in the washer to clean) and I like the retro look of the fabric.
I recently got this wallet coz I wanted to switch to a minimalist wallet from my bulky wallet! And this is a great buy! It has quite a few card slots. Has an ID slot too. Fits all my necessary cards. It also comes with a money clip which works perfect. Doesnt get bulky even after using at its full capacity. Good find!
It broke after one week of using it. Fake doesn t work. Dont waste your money.
WAY too tight. I have skinny legs, but I can't wear these. The veins in my legs hurt and itch after wearing more than a day in a row. Horrible purchase, never again.
Exactly as described, love the velcro as it made it easy to find the right size.
Beautiful in person. Larger than I had thought - but perfect for what I wanted it for. Purchased to use at Disney - perfect for phone, wallet and random kid stuff. Strap was comfortable.
Really nice belt fit as expected super happy with it
From my amazon wish list - received it as a gift. Exactly as described: 10 tiny rose quatrz hearts. Beautiful. No complaints. Love the beautiful bags they came in in...
It fits as expected, just know that the sleeves on this particular jacket are slim and snug around the arm. If you like loose sleeves with the looser fit, then the jerzees jacket is the way to go.
Great fit. Initially bought for support after vasectomy but love the feel/look. Wife thinks they are sexy with open back. Definitely will be getting more
for 10$ I've received style and a couple of genuine compliments and my girlfriend loves me more
The glasses arrive nice and on time. They look really nice and sturdy as advertised. Although I did notice a problem wearing them outside bright sunlight. May be it's the shape of my head, may be it's cause they dun fit perfectly, I notice the glasses reflect light from the side and back into my eyes (which is weird I know), which forms weird lens flares on the side of my vision. I can use these for driving glasses (since there's no strong light inside the car), but walking with these glasses on the street is a bit hard as the flares makes it quite distracting. But overall I would not complain since you get what you paid for.

Updates 28th Jun:
The customer service contacted me and offered me to try on a different design of their glasses. That one works much better! It shows that the above problem is related to the shape of my face. I have to thank the customer service of this company as they are really helpful.
I have regular glasses, sunglasses, and transitions. I now have them safely in a different color case. Inexpensive but secure. I am very happy with my purchase
Bought these for my one year old now 2 year old. They are perfect. Havent fallen out and they dont bother her. And not too flashy. Great price.
I used to change my socks in the middle of the day to avoid wet shoes. These socks Don't hold on to any moisture and make it comfortable all day
This backpack is real sturdy and the plastic is thicker than most other backpacks that rip or ware out easily.
The magnetic clip is strong and doesn't deactivate my credit cards. Hard to get my cards out of the 3 slots located above the magnetic money clip though. Overall, wallet is very convenient.
It fits perfectly.
Excellent material and fitted correctly. Had mines for a few weeks so far and shapes the body up well. Make sure to check size chart fits as expected for me. I'm 6,2 at 200lbs XL
I'm not sure if these were an older package. I have purchased these shirts before and I knew they would fit. However, the tag looked different and they shrank more than normal compared to ones I've bought in the past. So, I can't say they were a total loss since they technically fit. But I think I'll buy these in the store next time so I can inspect them.
I've just received this bag and so far so good. It looks like the picture, and I was pleasantly surprised that it appears to be well made and durable... Especially for the price! I'm using this bag for work and it holds everything I need: laptop (approx 14 inches), notebook, book, planner, sweater, cosmetics bag, and wallet and there is still room for more. The straps are a good length and it's very comfortable to carry (doesn't dig into my shoulder). I definitely think this is a great deal and would reccommend!
Excellent quality
Bought for friends and family.
Ordered for my husband. Good sock. Good quality. It wasn't exactly what he was looking for, as he wanted the lower cut.