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Beautiful!.. I bought two in different colors! :)
These sunglasses have been fantastic! Our son was complaining a lot about the sun in his eyes (we live in Arizona) but we do not like the window shades since they hinder our vision while driving. We got these for him and he has loved them! Any time we turn and the sun is in his face he asks for his glasses now and puts them on right away and is happy as a clam :). He was 2.5 when we bought them and they fit him perfectly.
Nice fit and warm.
Works great. Use it under my duty belt for corrections. It is tough to get the full tightness,but I am able to get it tight enough. I've been through a number of incidents, and it has held up with no problems.
Very nice glasses,exelent service,thanks
I know you can tighten them in hot water. But they shouldnt come already loose
These suspenders fit and work great. Made from a strong elastic material, these should last a long time..
It was good
The numbers are not really legible on this watch which makes the whole teaching exercise moot.
The headlights of oncoming cars have bothered my eyes for a long time. Now I have found something that really helps. When I wear these glasses, I can drive comfortably with excellent vision. They reduce the glare to almost nothing. Great product!
Perfect price and fit!
Shorts arrived on time. They fit and look great. There is even a special handy side pocket for cell phone.
Plain but fits nicely. Comfortable to,wear.
Very nice earrings. nice quality and not too heavy to weigh your ears down
This is a very cute hat and the quality is great. I was impressed as soon as I opened the box.
Could use pockets
Very nice, great quality. Snap front. My husband loved it. Fit as expected.
These were a pretty inexpensive buy on merino wool socks. They are fluffy, soft, and warm as you would expect from the merino content. The terry loop inside does a lot to add bulk to the socks, and should make them a bit warmer than a flat interior.

However, these are pretty big. I wear around 9.5 mens, and these are BIG on me. Almost to the point where I wish I had tried the small and tried to stretch it. Worse case, I'll wash these in warm water and see if they can shrink a bit.

I haven't owned them long enough to comment on the durability.
This shirt looks nice, fits well. It's a little thicker than others I have bought. The only thing I might comment is the color I purchased was slightly different in person than in the pictures (maroon).
These shorts are of a rugged material and fit as expected. I did indeed order 1 size larger and they're perfect. Love the cell phone pocket. I ordered 4 more. I do remodeling & can't wait for warm weather to try them out!
So far they are actually quite nice. My ears are not having a reaction and the backs stay on. The only slight downside is that with the screw on backs you can't adjust how tight they are on your ear, so they lean forward slightly. It doesn't bother me though and is barely noticeable.
Like these a lot.. Very comfy to wear!
These Hanes cotton crew neck Tees seem to be just perfect for everyday wear. They are soft and cool in the warm weather, and just right under a shirt in cold weather. The shirts are well made (in Honduras) and I haven't noticed any problems or shrinkage (I wash in HOT water.)
Fit as described in the advertisement. 35 in pants are difficult to find. Will purchase additional jeans.
These are the most comfortable, durable socks I've ever found. I'm a Big & Tall man, and these provide cushion, and are absorbent enough that I stay comfortable all day long.

Goldtoe socks last longer than any other brand I've worn, noticeably so. I spent most of my life buying 12 packs of the cheapest socks I could find, and had to do so regularly. I buy a 12 pack every year or so, and have socks left from 3 years ago that I haven't worn out yet.
This is excellent. My iPhone X fits perfectly, and the wallet has room for everything I need.
Size of belt I received was one size too small. I'm not sure if this is the same for all, but it could have been a bad lot.
Clarity is excellent! Adjusts to cloudy/ partly cloudy environment well. Very comfortable. A bit concerned about the thin and potentially flimsy arm and whether it will break easily. So far they are terrific!
My son says their so comfortable
Like it, fixes perfectly