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I like buying mens Jean's because they are durable for what I do for living and the work good for me because I have big thighs
I like the design a lot, but its literally a piece of cut fabric. The edges arent hemmed or sewn. Theyre raw edges that u can tell were cut with scissors. Surprised that they were so cheep about the product. Price too high for what it is.
these earrings are so hard to get in and out. they have no mechanism for opening out. you basically have to force the metal to open, which is extremely painful for little ears. my daughter puts it perfectly - it's like getting a key onto a key chain (she meant of course the old school ring type).
Perfect for DH.
The underwears fit perfectly.
I'm rating it 5 stars right now! It looks like the under armour quality and feels good! I'll wear it under my baseball jersey at the game!
Great simple wallet. Especially like the thumb hole to push out the cards and IDs. Small but holds a lot.
excelente producto
I ordered two pair. One pair fits perfectly and the other is a little long.
This was as expected except for the false advertising claiming that this is tagless. In fact, this has a very large plastic tag sewn in. A good value otherwise, the false advertising earns this item one star.
Great value. I bought multiple pair after being so happy with these.
Work well as advertised. Can be a little heavy if worn over long period. But not really that big a thing
Haha there
These are the best socks I have found so far for comfort on the bottom of my feet. Most socks are too thin. I would love to have a thicker version than these, but yours are certainly better than most.
I am 5'6" 19 year old Male and they fit me perfectly. It is very weird to have your ankles being hugged but I guess that's what makes them jogger pants although I use it just to lift weight and keep my phone and keys from falling out of my pocket. They look very aesthetically well too!
Like other reviewers mentioned, this is a nicely constructed wallet, but I was immediately disappointed when I got this because the color is not like the picture at all. It's Tan, not beige like shown. Which is funny because another reviewer mentioned that the color is true to the picture. The listing here is also confusing because it says Beige in the listing header but shows Tan as written above. I guess my quest for a beige wallet continues while I decide whether I want to return this one.
Great practice shorts for my soccer playing son.
these glasses are a great buy ,three sets for different times of day they are comfortable well padded. which ever you choose to wear all look great an the price was reasonable for the quality
I am very dissatisfied. I ordered 5 and only received 2 and never heard anything more.
These are very cute and a good size but I've had issues keeping the backs on. One side just won't screw in properly and we've almost lost it a few times now.
fits great, comfortable and warm but not hot..
Me encant! Es perfecta para el da a da
Nice looking product with stretch fabric. Be careful as this product has NO value at all in relation to virus filtering. Fabric is a porous mesh (see pic)
A little thin on the material. It keeps you warm to a point.
Doesnt stay on ear property
Great at the beach to avoid tan lines on face.
Breaks easily, strings are awkward.
Way too small for my body. I guess I have too lose alot more weight for them to fit my wondervful body.érieur-regarder-remplacement-courroie-bracelet