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best socks i've had in a very long time. love them
My son loved the comfort but these had holes in multiple pairs just after about a month of use. Terrible durability from a company like Nike.
Feels cheap, looks cheap, neither ends of the gaiter are sewn with a seam, just straight cut fabric. In terms of usage, I work in a warehouse and its very hot on my neck when Im using it as a face mask from all the excess fabric which bunches around the neck. Also it sticks to your mouth when talking and its hard to not end up with a mouthful of fabric as you speak unless you constantly readjust it. Its overall too tight in my opinion, really sticks to your face in a smothering manner and doesnt breath as well as I was hoping for.
The thing let's go and loosens on you while wearing. The seller did great, it's just a bad product really.
Great color. Lots of pockets. Light weight bag. Love it!
Nice pants
My 13 year old niece asked for this as a gift. I guess it's a popular teen gift.
Great wearing socks.
Fits well, lenses do well in very bright glare and dim light
The ROCKNIGHT yellow lens, polarized, UV protection sunglasses are pretty great for the price; based on my first week of owning one.
- The nose pad/holders on the glasses are a solid black, which is not very stylish overall and kind of distracting when looked at by other people as they are readily seen through the lenses (they make the sunglasses have a more sportswear look). Having the option for clear nose pad/holders on the glasses would be a lot more appealing (hoping this one gets changed in the future, as buying more of these sunglasses with different lenses seems likely in the future).
- The small ROCKNIGHT label on the upper left lens is not very appealing and readily seen as a word on the lens. Having the ROCKNIGHT logo appear on either or both of the frame arms would be more appealing.
+ They fit really well if you have a slightly larger head than average; frame arm left to right is 6 inches, so the frame arms aren't hugging into your temples.
+ The are actually polarized, and come with a little test card to show it (and so you can test other glasses you get in the future, if you want). The polarization on the yellow lens aren't perfect, so if you're a sun directly in your eyes sort of situation your still likely be a bit squinty, but for non-direct to the eyes sunlight or for interior lighting the polarization is on point.
+ The transition point of the frame arms from metal to solid rubber is at the right point where metal is not rubbing against your face, which is great. as well as the fame arms are long enough that even if you have a longer ear to nose area the design should accommodate comfortable wearing.
+ The glasses are light enough they are not a drag on your face or leave heavy imprints on your nose from the nose pads, but enough weight to not forget you have them on, which is nice.
+ The accessories that come with the glasses are a nice perk: an extra set of nose pads (though they are unfortunately also black instead of clear), a small and unscrewable keychain screwdriver if you need to adjust and screw tightness for the glasses or replace the nose pads, the polarization test card, a cleaning cloth for the lenses, and a reusable box for storage of the accessories and glasses.
+ The price is good at about $22 for what you are getting, and waht you are getting is a solid pair of sunglasses.
very nice
Excellent item
Necklace clasp is awful, and the chain broke the first day wearing it sitting in an office chair...
This is the 5th cap I have bought like this. Great for travel, outdoors or just about any time I want to wear a cap. The cap and the style fit me.
Nice looking socks and stays up. So far so good
Perfect pants to take the heat and mess of the kitchen.
Really enjoyed
Very satisfied
I am very pleased with my purchase of this cap.
I think it is a good compression shirt but I am not sure it helps me in the areas I need help with, I am not fat but when I use it it feels like it gathers all the fat I have in me and creates a belly, like I don't have a belly unless I use this lol that's so funny. I mainly use it when I feel a little sore from exercising but I dont think i can use it to look more fit.
Sunglasses express that fulfilment by AMAZON sent wrong model. I don't want it you shiped RB3025 W3236 Avaiator.
It is not same. It completely different. What do you do? Be Professional !!!!
I still ordered with Sunglasses with 4 items remain that you're not ship.
How about the rest of all? Is it right or wrong ?
Easy ordering! Excellent and comfortable product. Thank you,
It is great quality!!!!!
Thank you.
It's a nice wallet I like that it has room to put all my cards in. It's worth it .
First time these socks were worn they got a hole on side. Not boot sock at all.