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I love how lightweight this bag is and all of the zippered pockets. I carried it throughout my adventure through the Egyptian pyramids as well as throughout all of the different market places and bazaar's. It's durable and didn't weigh me down.
These shorts are just okay. They are made of a heavy fabric which I'm sure means they will last longer but it also means that they are very hot to wear in the summer. They are also a bit large, had to wear these with a belt or they would fall down. Overall they aren't bad, I just wouldn't buy them again.
The problem wasn't in the waist or legs, they have ample room, but in the backside. It seems these Levi's were made for someone that was in a terrible accident and had their buttocks completed cut off. I own several pairs of this style of Levi's jeans and all but this pair fit perfectly, but these are very tight at the top of the rear. If I wasn't an old man and most of my rear end hadn't already disapeared, I would not be able to zip them.
Way too small and crappy made!
So convenient! I carry a purse now majority used as a diaper bag and this is so convenient that I do not have to search my bag for my ID, and 2 cards. I can pocket it on a date night or time out with friends. Not bulky in the least. I even fit it in my yoga pants pockets when i went to a theme park and it didnt fall out at all, nor did i feel like i had something massive sitting on my side. A few friends even asked about this after seeing it because they saw how convenient it was. Clip it sturdy and strong. Withstands my toddler pulling on it as a toy!
These socks are really nice and thick and super comfortable. I'll be ordering a second package very soon. I wouldn't use these for working out as they are quite thick and insulating so you will get fairly sweaty feet but for day to day use or going to work these work just fine.
Totally was able to organize my wallet with this! Its hard to find a wallet that offer enough credit card slots.
works well & looks great
I like it
Love the color, love levis, can't say a negative thing about these jeans best fit I've had in a very long time.
Perfect. I love this bag!
Gorgeous, but the outer layer has cracked, and the nose piece gets caught in my hair when I push them up. However, I don't know if the crack is my fault or not, and nose pieces on aviatiors are just like that, so overall I think the product is ok. The sunglasses also come with a cleaning rag and a nice carrying case, so a good deal.
Fits great
Perfect- zips on two sides - I put cash in one side credit cards and the other-Plus it has a nice ring for a key or two.
fast shipping and good price!
Muy buena como esperbamos
I wore this necklace one day and 1 hr into work the leaf had broken in half. So disappointing that it was so fragile!
They're Ray Bans...what to say. They're cool. I prefer the classic Wayfarers. Better fit, field of view and nylon frames take more abuse.
I have been wearing Levi's 550 relaxed fit jeans for years (I'm wearing a pair now). However, on my last order, either all three pairs were defective in their size marking, or the sizes have changed. I ordered the same size I am now wearing, but the jeans I received were significantly smaller--no way I could get into them. Returned them with no problem, but the fact that I apparently can't count on the jeans fitting, even though I ordered the exact same style and size I'm currently wearing makes me very hesitant to order any more Levi's online. I think I'll have to stick to buying them in stores where I can try them on first.
Review after 2 weeks of use.
Very solid product for the price. Fits as expected.
You can tell they are lower quality than some top end brands.
For the price, would definitely order again depending on how long they last.

Somewhat soft, mostly cotton blend. Feels good, but not the softest I've ever worn (good enough to be a pro though).
Soft enough for extended wear.
Worn them playing tennis/lifting weights/running and they've done a great job at staying put and not riding up.
Price is great for what you get.
Color options are nice too. They have more than your typical black/grey/white.

Seem to be a bit tighter around the thigh and looser around the waist. Not enough to cause issues, but enough to notice the quality isn't as good as some more expensive pairs.
Still a standard elastic waist band that is covered in the same material as the rest of the underwear. Would have preferred an alternative material in the band like the old SmartWool PhD softband underwear (no hard elastic band).

Details about me:
I'm about 5'9" (5'10" if I think tall thoughts) and weigh about 200lbs.
I'm quite athletic and some would say I have a robust lower half... large quads/hams and glutes. A large lower half can cause chafing sometimes depending on the type of underwear I'm sporting for the day. Wicking underwear is the best to keep me nice and dry down in the nether regions and these seem to do the trick so far.
Very comfortable, fits well, and well made.
Bought for son, they were too long. Otherwise, they were soft and looked to be really comfortable. Fruit of the Loom has always made nice quality underwear.
Wow this pair of sunglasses are even better than I expected. I wanted a good pair of riding glasses for when I ride my motorcycle and the way these fit is great. No wind gets in my eyes and they are so comfortable. I've been riding for years and these are one of the best pair of sunglasses I've had. Give them a try I'm sure you like them too. R. Chacez
Es muy sencilla
It's good
Very well made and comfortable
These are not a heavy duty T-shirt . They are a light weight T-shirt
Very nice belt for the money.