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These are the best undershirts I've found so far- they withstand daily use for months, fit comfortably, and they are long enough to tuck in my pants and stay there. I highly recommend these.
Very cute earrings for the price
Took these bad boys with me to the South Pacific to do a whole lot of swimming. Loved how they fit and that they weren't too baggy or too short.
I am a female double mastectomy breast cancer survivor. I chose to not wear a prosthetic, but I have a need to smooth out the breast area, which women's shape wear does not do. In fact, they are less controlling in that area so it doesn't flatten out the breasts. I choose men's shape wear because there is support in that area. I look forward to wearing this for the first time and will buy several more because it will be a regular piece of my wardrobe. The only thing I might consider would be to add a couple inches on to the length. If you ever choose to add to your inventory, shape wear for cancer survivors would be awesome.Thank you.
The shirt has a nice thickness. I don't care for thin shirts. It is nicely made, doesn't curl up.
Very happy with every Amazon Essential clothing item I have ordered and these t shirts are no exception. Great price and quality.
Love them great material made to last.
I wish there were more colors in my size!
I often times have a hard time wearing sunglasses very long as they seem heavy and uncomfortable. Not with these glasses. When I got them I was surprised how light they were and after wearing them for a full day I had forgotten I even had them on. That never happens. These are by far the most comfortable glasses I have every worn!
5 out of 6 pairs have holes after 4 months. This was the 2nd 6 pack I bought in just over a year. I wear them for everyday use when I wear shorts (late spring, summer, and early fall) and walk 20 miles per week. They fit great, feel good, stay cool, dry fast and no blisters, but I would expect the sports socks to last longer. I will be researching options for more durable sports socks.
I ordered a medium, brown sweatshirt and a small, white sweatshirt arrived at my house. I will be returning this item.
Wallet is great. Thin, holds enough cards bills without feeling bulky. Wish it was a hair wider for foreign currency for traveling types, but it does the job. The yens and friends just get a little side wear. Would purchase again, although I'm only a week into it.
I bought these socks for my husband and he says they're great! He's a department manager for a food processing plant so his days are long and spent walking on concrete floors. He says they do exactly as described. They have helped more tired feet!
Love it.... my friend has had one for 3 years and uses it regularly & it's still in great shape. Finally decided to get one myself.
Zipper is sturdy. Holds a lot of cards with separate compartments for cash and coins. Also has a pen holder. I like that you can store other things inside the zipper on top. I carry my epipen & passport there.
So happy with this purchase. These are thick, soft, high quality socks. Its so hard to find good quality socks these days. This is the real deal folks. Just buy these you will not be disappointed !
To the manufacturer: Please keep everyting the same. Dont change your supplier or the type of fabric. You have found the magic formula. WODERFUL 5 star product.
Fits 2 year old
my son will love it
Poor craftsman ship, the sewing around the legs comes undone.
A little large out of bag, but shrunk to perfect size after washing.
This hat complemented my other wide brim Ultraviolet protection hats.
Nice pair
The price definitely and options for colors definitely caught my attention. I purchased one of these for my husband to try and he was pleasantly surprised of the quality of this shirt. He loves them! We will be purchasing more in other colors very soon!
I was very satisfied with these shades
I like the robe for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it's 100% cotton. I have a polyester allergy and can't wear anything but cotton - particularly if I'm looking for something that I'll wear when I'm relaxing. As so many other reviewers have said, it's surprisingly difficult to find a simple cotton robe in the stores. I saw many polyester + robes; flannel robes; winter-weight robes; but this is the first summer-weight cotton robe I've come across.

Secondly, the size is a perfect fit for me. I'm 5'7", 165 pounds with a medium build (I usually buy my clothes in "Medium" .) I recognize that this isn't a one-size-fits-all situation, but the size works for me.
Easy to adjust. Arrived very quick.
this shirt is great,it has been a great help in keeping me warm and quilted finding does not let the wind through,thanksé-Photographie-Mousseline-Vetêment