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I bought it to place a healing crystal on it and it looks beautiful on the chain! But my chain looks like its tarnished on only had it not even a week.!
Very thin compared to the Hanes that I purchased in a store last year
Tablet Fit perfectly and it is very stylish. Love it.
Awesome wallet! I purchased this in large part because it is constructed from full-grain leather, it started as a small dad-son company, and due to the reviews. I wasnt disappointed. Far from it. Beautiful, beautiful quality wallet and the fact there are different slots keeps you from having to take out 5 cards at once and sift through them. Only one problem. Money clip broke. Customer service immediately replied, tried to troubleshoot and then mailed me a new money clip at no charge with detailed instructions on using it. Just another example of why this is a top-notch company. You will love the wallet!
Adorable purse. Your iPhone will fit perfectly in this nice little purse. Adorable get a lot of compliments
Great scrubs at an amazing price
Presenting baby rings is a tradition in my family for every baby born-- it is given from the mother to the daughter, and is either worn on her pinky finger or on a chain around her neck. It is something she will keep long after her children have left home! My grandmother passed away wearing her two rings on a chain... and the rings were then given to her boys. Because we believe in newborn baptism, the baby wears it on a ribbon for the occasion, and then it is given to the mother, but it can be done in any fashion that suits you.

The quality of this ring is awesome, and both my girls are still wearing them.... after five years they are still shiny and look brand new. (They do shine them up a bit with a cloth every now and then tho, but what jewelry doesn't need attention once in a while?!?! :)
I like it delivery took a little longer 2 weeks but i love it for sure ordering more
Great product
Gift, recipient very happy
Comfortable and reasonably affordable
Super roomy
Love it so far! I am a little concerned how it will hold up over time, but it looks great! I will update this as time goes on. If it stays in good condition Ill add on a star! Overall, great product for the price.
As soon as I received them I packed them in my suitcase to bring to Disneyworld. When we arrived, I took them out of the package. I went to put them on and the post immediately broke, now it's too late to return. I do not suggest buying them.
These are good suspenders. I had ordered th metal clasp version and on the first day One of the pins on the clasp bent and became useless. I returned them and got these. They work great with no problem of them coming undone. However they do have a problem with not staying adjusted, staying up. I had to put safety pins under the adjustment slide, which, so far, has worked well. Rod.
The designs are so cute, but all are very quick to tarnish despite the fact that I'm careful to avoid exposing the jewelry to moisture, perfume, sweat, etc.
This is my second order for the same hat. Quality svc and great quality product. I highly recommend to everyone!
Just like pictures
Dope hat. Wear it constantly. Some how its more comfortable than my other hats. Looks good as well.
These sunglasses are very nice and it's a bonus that they come with a case and polishing cloth. They look a lot like Ray-Bans. My only complaint is that they scratch fairly easily; however, for the price you get what you pay for. I still continue to buy them and go through about a pair a summer season.
I love these socks! I actually was in the Army but I never liked wearing the crappy socks we were issued and being a cheap E3 I didn't think it would be worth the extra money for socks like these. Ironically enough, now that Ive left the service I wear boots more than I did when I was in (western type boots and work boots) and so Ive been looking for good socks. I bought cheap athletic socks and some Wolverine brand socks. The athletic socks were actually alright with boots but the Wolverine brand socks straight up suck. After trying those I decided to order these and WOW they are fantastic!

They feel fine, they completely end all rubbing. Even if a lace comes undone (or in western boots) I can walk without worrying that my feet will get hotspots or blisters. The only con is the price but if life has taught me anything about quality its Buy Once Cry Once. Ill definitely be buying more in the near future.
Plush, comfortable socks.
Will purchase again! Good fit, good value.
Very nice, looks great and fits perfectly. Light weight and great out in the sun.
Good product
Great shirts fit well last a long time .
Love it
Im a girl and i wanted these shorts for my outfit lol very comfortableépaule-nocturne-B0315JN