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Delivered on time. Fit was just right.
This purse is so inexpensive but has the quality and finishes of a much more expensive brand. It's fabulous. I chose burgundy but am going to get a few more in other colors for Christmas gifts. Super well-made and looks like leather. Wish I could give it 6 stars!
They fit well and are very comfortable.
Although this is a great looking tote in the picture - the style is what caught my eye - IT IS NOT LEATHER and the overall quality is at best questionable. I don't have faith that it may last too long, if carried on a regular basis. The only leather on this purse is on the 2" x 2" piece that is sewn onto the interior, small zipper pocket and is stamped Heshe (it's not completely sewn down - so you can see the back side of the piece is leather). The exterior portion of the handle and the all edges of the purse, including the badges for the buckles, are coated with some type of plastic/vinyl product covering - eliminating the ability to see a "leather" edge anywhere. The purse also has a VERY strong chemical odor. I know that other reviewers say it goes away, but I've had mine "airing out" for a week and it's still strong. I expected the real deal and really DO NOT like being misled with Heshe's advertising of "genuine cow leather" - must be some very gray advertising area some where - MAYBE THAT LITTLE PIECE IN THE INSIDE?
Thankfully, Amazon offers a "Free Return" for this product - So I am returning the purse and will spend my hard earned dollars on the real deal!!!
Compared to the old belts, this is a great design with it fitting "perfect". Worth the money!
I've been using this for about 2 months now and at first it was very stiff but it has since loosened up and has worn very well. I can tell it is quality leather.
very unique love it
I love it... thanks
It's very good~I like it.I will be back soon.So i will take ti more.It's very very good.It's very very nice.
I really love this ring. The lotus is cute and the ring is comfortable and attractive. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
These are my new most favorite shorts ever. They are crazy comfortable. They fit perfectly and are a bit stretchy and forgiving. They are not too baggy which is exactly what I was looking for. I now own three pair and I bought the same thing in pant's too for traveling. They are a great value, too.
These are a nice suprise, hey they work. Fit as expected, and the pocket is a plus. decent colors as well.
These glasses are so comfortable! The green tint with Amber optics make me feel like I'm cheating. Everything looks so beautiful
Great gift for my boyfriend this is the second pair I bought for him.
Children's place is reliable and consistent.
Fit great, feel great, perfect color
They were to glossy and my return package came back due to i owe postage
Great value !!!
Very nice wallet stylist and sleek design.
much better quality than I expected honestly. I bought it to attach a ring to, and its beautiful.
Great product and price.
Wash up nicely and perfect fit.
Was surprised somewhat but went over big as a Christmas gift.
fit and hold up well
I'm not sure about the 'stamp' but being the picky person I am I felt the need to also let any buyer know that I wear this beside my white gold engagement ring on middle finger and it's maintained through showers,cleaning,etc. I would def recommend this ring. Especially for the price. Not huge but makes a statement with this ring I wasn't too impressed at first but now I see its silver and I need glasses.
I like the look. Its compact but big enough for all you need. Its a great purse for traveling.
Got for my family member fit perfect.
My husband loves this wallet. It is really easy to get your cards out, unlike some minimalist wallets.