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It looks very sharp and easily fits in ones front pocket without even being noticed.

RFID protection is limited to the middle pocket. I believe the product information says this, but I wanted to state it again to be clear. From what I understand, RFID pertains to the ability of the card to be scanned by a sensor. Placing a card inside one of the side pockets does not protect it from this scanning. As an example, I use my school ID which has key card functionality on the weekends, and I can scan myself into the building without removing the card from its slot. While this is convenient for me, I wanted to share it in case one is looking for a wallet with more protected pockets.
I was worried the wallet would be small but it was perfect and fits all my cards, cash and my phone! SUPER CUTE!
Used as undershirts for scrubs....excellent!
I feel very well protected against electronic snoopers!! Can also fit 16 "pieces of plastic" in it!! (Also holds money, which I never seem to have!!) I heartily recommend the purchase of this wallet.
I like the belt and use it but it can be difficult to undo do it especially if you are in a rush to use the bathroom. For daily wear it is pretty comfortable it feels like nothing is there. The materials used are lightweight aluminum and the belt itself is made of a strong nylon material but it probably cost very little to make this belt and they sell it for $40+. I would have thought it had a better value if it costs $25. I actually feel like they just overpriced it. Otherwise it is a nice belt and does what they say it will do.
Gave it as a gift. My sister loved it
Fits great! Lovely style! Would purchase more as a gift for Mother's Day!!
Husbands favorite socks. Easier to order online than purchasing in store.
Bought these for a snow-shoeing excursion, across a frozen lake, in well-below zero temps in Northern Michigan. It's light weight and fit my big head well. The wind was biting out there but my face did not get cold with this thing on. I'd buy it again.
I'm not gonna lie, I actually hated this bag. Nothing against the seller, it came in great condition, the bag is good quality, but OH MY GOODNESS. The strap is sooo wide and kinda ugly. It was honestly a deal breaker for me, but I'm also a tiny little 5'1" person, so on my small self it was a lot more of a problem then it would probably be for most. Another thing to know is that the strap tapers. It's biggest where it attaches to the bag and becomes smaller and thinner as it moves up to the shoulder. Other than that I mostly liked the bag, but I couldn't look past the strap and I'll be returning it.
These earrings are more than I ever imagined! The stone is beautiful and its set in solid white gold. The setting is light and I have had so many compliments on these earrings! I am very pleased
As other reviews pointed out the legs on these are short. The picture shows the legs being longer than the crotch, but that is not the case - the legs are shorter than the crotch so they are basically briefs. Other than that the material, waistband, and fit are all good.
Works well and holds well,
Love the size and quality. Lots of sleeves for cards
Never disappoint...great
Beautiful purse. Looks very expensive. I love it.
I love the earrings. The colors are perfect. Great quality.
Looks good fits very well.
I really like the look of these glasses . But the frame cracks for no reason I think it might be the heat. I already bought 2 pairs debating on buying it one more time.
The product is very good considering material and style. The size was too large henced my decision to return and reorder a smaller size.
I bought these for my sister. She loves them and they fit perfectly. I tried them on and liked them so much that I plan on ordering some for myself.
Love them
Its cool reliable but i would love it more if it had id display too
Great swim trunks. Very picky but these fit great and the material is great!
Been wearing Hanes T-shirt all my life and this is a good product because it's not thick like AAA Shirts. It light weight and comfortable.
i loved the color of the purse the least thing I liked was hoping it was a little bigger but carried the pocketbook thru rheholiday
The worst ever tanks I've ever used,. Not sure if I'll use it at all. Very bad quality.
I opened and used one, if not I'd return it.
This Shirt is Better than AUTHENTICéries-Remplacement