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It is very bad quality, it turned black, and the silver peels off.
It is difficult to find socks in XL
Feels comfortable.

If anything they feel a little short on the inseam but overall solid shorts.
Love them!
great quality good value for the money
They fit great before they were washed. Now they are too short.
I've tried them before and it still fits me as expected. Looks exactly the same as shown in the picture.
I have worn these daily for years because I have significant foot problems. They used to be more available in sports stores here but lately they've been hard to find. For me the heels wear out sooner than I'd like but I wear them all the time and I'm hard on them as I have trouble walking.
Nice jeans, fits well...thats all I have to say.
This was a personal gift to me self and Im so glad I bought it. My ankles are tiny so it hangs lower than I hoped but its so pretty and dainty that I still would buy it again. I might even try a layered bracelet look. Very thick and the quality feels good not cheap.
Its a work shirt! I brought this product before
Nice few a few items and a phone that you may when you dont want or need a bulky purse.
Great hat for me. All off the shelf hats are always a bit to tight but this one fits.
Its quality feel is an added bonus
Good buy
This is my second purchase and it is just as good as the black one I bought earlier this month.

The colors are true to life and the description matches what you get, so I can wholeheartedly recommend this seller.
Finally found a pair that fits right and does not have tags that bother me. Would by these again in the future.
My boyfriend loves that it is fitted, it is sturdy enough to hold its own shape but not stiff and uncomfortable.
These do not fit as expected and are about the cheapest most uncomfortable fabric I have ever seen. The waist band is practically caustic. Do NOT buy this crap. You've been warned.
my son was scared the black would be a different shade, so he wanted the school cap n gown, and both of them look the same. it would have serve the purpose.
Liked the pockets. Little long
Comfort and color
Does not have the right cut or stretch. Very Im comfortable roll up on the thigh.
These Gold Toe socks fit great and feel good. Seem to last a long time. Need I say more?
I have been wearing Levis' 501 jeans since I was twelve years old. There are six pairs in my closet as I speak. I needed a tan pair for work I purchased these. The tag above the right rear pocket says 36 36 for waist and leg length. Waist is right on. The leg length is 38 not 36. I can lay anyone of my other pairs on top of this new pair and the leg length is over two inches longer. It seems like everything I purchase on Amazon is defective or slightly off. Doesn't matter if it's clothes, charging cables, etc. NOT CONVENIENT OR COST EFFICIENT IN REALITY. Getting my American behind back out there and supporting my local merchants!!
Really nice bag!
poor quality
Ordered this for my man for work. Good simple polo to look professional and it works to keep him cool in the Arizona heat.
Not originals, theyre FAKE!!!!!!