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I am extremely pleased with my choice of this Leather Wallet. RFID Blocking, Soft Leather, Beautiful Color, Very Reasonable Price. What more could I ask for. I highly recommend this Leather Wallet & this outstanding seller.
Update did review, was sent a new pair great customer service will
Order again. Thank you Sinouda
Wrangler shorts were too large even though I ordered one size (sz 33) smaller than my normal 34. Elastic panels in back were very loose and offered no support or "tightness".
Fits perfectly for my LO. Received it on time
Lovely cross, well made. I collect crosses and this is a welcome addition.
Looks neat, not sloppy.
This is JUNK!!! It has discoloring and my cards would not fit in the spaces. Worthless!!!
Cracked by the nose piece within a week of wearing them. Poorly built and I baby my sunglasses. One of my worst buys which is too bad because they look great.
Still prefer actual size in inches e.g., 36" rather than " large (36-38").
I live in Wisconsin where the winters can be brutal at times. When the snow falls, and I break out the snowblower and shovel and spend hours in the cold, wondering why anyone would choose this over a warmer climate.... I just throw on my winter jacket and this mask, a hat and get to work.

In the past I've used bulky scarves, hats, various face masks, and over the years, I've wanted something less bulky that can still help fight the cold. This item is perfect to create an extra layer of warmth and complement my other winter clothing items, and create a barrier for my neck and face to protect from frostbite and dry skin. I've never owned a balaclava before, but found the versatility to be a godsend. It can be used as a mask, neckwarmer, etc, and has been one of my go-to items everytime I head outside in the winter months. Solid 5 stars.
Great comfort. Really bad quality. Starting to rip less than a day wearing them.
The flower is beautiful. Little urn has screw on cap that is secure. For the price the chain is okay. Personally Im going to get another chain for mine.
My husband loves the shorts (he likes the style and fit), but I ordered the color navy and everyone who looks at them says the same thing, "the shorts are black, not navy" (and that's in the sun light).
They look very cute!
Stretchy back for placing a true matte maroon color. Good quality and material
Amazing piece!
Great looking wallet with sizeable zippered compartments and lots of places for cards. I have the wallet three stars because it had a STRONG chemical odor.
I absolutely love this! Its the perfect size and fits all of my essentials!
I love this. It's a gift for my son and He really loves it. The quality of the eagle is awesome. it's not too big or not to small it's just the right size.
my only gripe is that the hood is so big on mine that I really can't use it unless I'm wearing a helmet (which isn't that often). There's no cinch in the back, just the two on the sides. I like the color and styling and it's remained pretty water-proof. The zipper has bloopied from the bottom a couple of times by separating. This jacket isn't meant to last 15 years but it's nice for 1 or 2 I would guess.
These earrings are very cute, but several of the pieces have come apart. I will have to bust out my hot glue gun to fix these.
Great quality will buy again
Nice heavy duty product!
Longest Ive found (64) snags rather easily, cats are these suspenders worst enemy. Rather comfortable however.
Great product great price
Product was as advertised.
I read the reviews so I was able to see that they ran big. So I ordered a size smaller than normal and they fit amazing!
I like them and loose fitting.
First time buying/using this style of belt. Got it for my husband, wasn't sure how it would work for him. He loves it! It works great! It was simple to assemble and trim to size. And he is looking forward to more belts like this in different colors/designs.