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Very good bag
Lenses not polarised, otherwise as described. Would have sent them back but was going on holiday 2 days after they arrived and needed sunglasses. Also postage and import duty from USA sky high.
Great !
Love it fits as expected and does its job.
I recived model 505, 36Wx32L, in some kind of black.
I did not ordered this.
Unfortunately I can not return it because I am soldier in US millitary camp in Afghanistan.
I wish it was leather
The lining Ripped after a couple of months.
I bought them for my husband, he said it's much better than those old Tees.
Plenty of room for me and my pack!
This shirt was exactly what I needed for a country western look at a concert in which I sang in. It is pretty stylish for an inexpensive chambris shirt.
The description is accurate. I find the coin purse to be hard to see into because of the two compartments. The wallet is roomy but quite bulky and stuff. I do like it though.
So cute but smaller than l thought. Good quality and nice variety to choose from
Perfect condition
Simply beautiful.
Great fit and Great Colors!!!
It is lovely bracelet, but even though it is adjustable, I think it will still be too big for teens.
Good quality sun glasses! Sturdy but light case. Unisex. I bought some for my boyfriend also. Get lots of compliments. Blocks the sun out well.
Not too big nor too small. Lightweight and durable!
It feels good quality and the size is not big and not tiny. It is perfect for quick shopping trips and dinners and walking around at the mall. Just what I wanted.
My husband loves this jacket. He gets a lot of compliments each time he wears it.
You get what you pay for!!! The material is very thin and it shrinks. Not the Quality of a real Hanes undershirt!!!
The shirt is very soft, fits as expected and doesnt feel like cheap, other shirts. Only minor issue is the printed tag - the lettering falls off after a wash. Thats fine - I dont need the tag - but the individual letters slowly fall off and peek away. Its odd. Again - I dont care if the info isnt there, but I have to slowly peek off the individual letters as they randomly peek away. Id still buy this again, but its a bit annoying.
I wanted darker lens and they are lighter then the picture displayed.
Great purchase
I like it.
I expected a little more cushioning, but other than that, the sock are fine...
When Amazon finally shipped me the correct style, I was a happy camper. No seams in the toe make these very comfortable and they are not too tight unlike the Nike crew socks. They used to be a bit thicker material though and will probably not wear as well as the older gold toe socks, but that''s progress I guess.
My husband thinks its just metal.ée-Assorti-Multi-Poche-Étudiant