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One of the most well made belts Ive bought for him. You can be proud of your business. You know you take a risk when ordering things over the internet. This product beats them all . Good luck with your business.
this company makes great socks! If you would have asked me a month or so ago if I was going to write a review on socks, I would say you were crazy. However, these socks deserve a full 5 star review. I purchase these to wear in my boots for work. I work outdoors a lot of times, & I needed a sock that would keep my feet warm. I tried several different brands, some costing $20 for one pair. Needless to say I decided to try people socks because they gave me 4 in 1 set. Now, I have purchased approx 12 to 16 pairs of people socks because I love them so much. I no longer wear any other sock when I'm working, or I am on my own time. They are comfortable and they keep my feet warm and dry. These socks are well worth the money. Please support this company because I do not want them going out of business before I buy more. if you have any questions feel free to message me.
It's super light and easy to put on. Which I great cause I have a big head! It's very soft so no uncomfortable feeling when wearing. My glasses tend to fog up but that's with every mask but I notice it's not as frequent. All in all I love this.
Very disappointed! Opened bracelet at Christmas, and there is a stone missing!
Lightweight and breathable. I wouldn't recommend using these as swimming trunks. They're crazy absorbent and the second you try to pop out of the pool, everyone else gets a full-moon view. They're great for running or lounging around the house. No one would judge you for wearing them in public. They're hella comfy so why wouldn't you?
This is magnetic and fits snug around my wrist. I also bought it in black. Looks great with leather leggings, heals and a top. Really great set of leather banded bracelets. Wear them often.
Personal use!
Great product. Fits great and possibly the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn.
I don't particularly enjoy shopping in stores for clothes so finding these on Amazon and having them fit exactly as they were supposed to was awesome
This was purchased as a gift. The item was exactly what i expected.
They really work! Feel odd at first but after a few wears you don't notice.
It is my best buy.
This pair is super comfortable and fit. Not too bad for the price. I feel like my momey was well spent.
These socks are amazing!!! I used to buy LL Bean because they were the only socks I could find that had the right percentage of wool vs nylon and polyester and were made extremely well. Well, I have to say, Ive found a new sock brand! These are well made and warm and wick moisture like they should, and at a great price! FINALLY!! However, the best thing about these socks is that they are made in the USA!!!! How can you possibly go wrong with that!!!
My husband adored
Muy estrecho de piernas y no me gust el material.
This is just the right size to fit my wallet, keys, phone, a couple pill bottles and lip gloss. The fabric feels like a soft, buttery leather. It is nice to shop with my hands free, but purse draped across my mid-section. It takes a bit of pressure off of my shoulder and makes me less vulnerable to thieves.
This is a game changer. Carries everything I need, and disappears in my pocket. This wallet is so comfortable I'm still getting used to checking for it in my pocket, and doubling checking its there because I don't feel that massive bi-fold I used to carry.
Great purse! It fits across my body perfectly and I can fit so many things in it. My wallet, water bottle, etc. Lots of colors to choose from. I took away a star because I dont like the sharp teeth on the zippers of the two smaller pockets.
My son loves it great wallet
I like that it's lightweight & can keep you warm, but can still be tolerated to keep on when it the temperature gets warmer.
Washes up very nice and didnt notice any shrinking.
Best jeans I ever bought. Tried to go local at Wal-Mart. No black in my size at 3 stores. Happy.
Ordered the bag as a gift for my sister. I was nervous ordering without being able to hold it and see in person. However, the purse is so soft and very sturdy! Excellent quality. I will feel comfortable ordering anything from this maker/company in the future. Side note my sister Loved The purse! Thank you!
Really good quality and super strong magnet, my boyfriend loved it!
Got a lot of compliments early on. Thats what the 2 stars are for. Its only 2 because after wearing them for 2 weeks. DID NOT SLEEP OR SHOWER IN THEM, the turned colors too late to return them so
all my shirts are 2xl this one is too small and too short will order next size up
Very good value for the price. Ive had this belt for about 3 months now, and the part where the buckles are is starting to fray. Not very sturdy but it does its job. I love how it looks too. Happy with the product.
They were long enough, perhaps too long but that's not an issue. They look very durable. What they are lacking in is cushioning.