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Nice undershirt, will order more. Hopefully find in different colors
NOT for Family outing! MUCH Smaller than shown! This bag barely holds two full size beach towels. Nice color and seems well made, but its way to small for me to use. Very disappointed based on the other reviews. Guess Ill pay the $50 for a scout bag :-(
Super nice quality and plenty large enough for big sunglasses
My wife ordered these for me. As soon as I opened the bag, the lack of quality was obvious. They're abysmally thin and are coated with an unnatural sheen. Honestly, I think tissues might last longer than these will.
Exactly what I was looking for.
As expected. Thanks!
It does what it's supposed to do and gives strong support to your jock. The fabric is cotton, not whimpy polyester or whatever, that's a big selling point to me. The shape lifts your balls and keeps them snuggly in place. Some men genuinely need this support, it's not about sexy underwear.
Having said that, they are sexy. They isolate your stuff in a smooth pouch that makes you aware of it's existence all day long. The straps cup your but cheeks making you aware of that as well. Not that that's necessarily a sexy situation or anything lol, I just like how I'm aware of it.
8/2/18, Good fit, very comfortable.
I bought the larger size because I tend to be a bit of a "bag lady" so my mom says! It fit all my stuff and, although being a bit heavy after being filled, (my fault) it's still comfortable to carry on my shoulder due to the slightly wider strap. I am very happy so far and think it is a great bag with an affordable price tag. Excellent choice
Great size for travel. Enough room for everything you need.
Amazing sluck design, smooth finish.

3 slota to put cards, one slot for idcard. Ping for holding cash and very slim hidden slot to hide extra money.
Very nice wallet.
Love all the care with detail with the shipping in the wood tube to the card and tattoos and the glass cloth
Very comfortable!
I love this bag! It has pockets of various sizes to fit all my needs.
These are my husband's favorite socks!
This wallet is just what I wanted! The small sized exterior masks tons of interior space. There are 2 long spaces for dollars, receipts, stamps, etc.
Runs small, size XL usually fits my son but this shirt is shorter and tighter than XL usually fits him. Fits like a large.
Only socks I will buy
Cute and Charming
Perfect for wallet, keys, and phone. I use this while baby wearing, and get to leave the big diaper bag in the car now that I have this to carry just the essentials.
Okay fit, and okay quality.
This bag is the perfect size, and comfortably fits my phone and wallet. I wasn't sure what to expect due to the price, but its surprisingly well made, and looks great even several months later. I would definitely purchase another one in a different color.
I have had these sunglasses one year and I am very happy with them. Never got a "name brand" pair of sunglasses before. I considered it a stupid waste of money. The problem was a kept buying at least three or four pair of the fifteen to twenty dollar pairs at the store and they would last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. I read the reviews on these and decided I would give them a try.

- If you play sports, there is no frame on the bottom part of the sunglasses, therefore your view is not limited or inhibited. Anyone who has ever lifeguarded knows this is a great feature as do not lose field of vision.
- The hinges have stayed tight. This is a big gripe I have with the cheap sunglasses you find in the store...the hinges get lose very quickly. I've had these a year and the hinges are still tight.
- The lenses on mine have not scratched, and they should have by now with how they have gotten thrown around a bit.

- There was a cover for the sunglasses, but no hard container to put them in. For sunglasses of this expense and quality, you would think a hard container would be included.
Best belt I have ever worn, thanks.
Awesome bag... its well made with precision stitching. Many people thought it cost me hundreds of dollars because the leather was natural. Theres so much space and the zippered divider makes certain things secure. Definitely my best purchase. The best thing is the affordable price!
Bought for my niece trip to Europe. She loves it. It came with a free passport holder. I plan to get myself one as well.
I used to buy direct from Hanes, glad that Amazon has them now. Long lasting, very comfortable. These are the only briefs that I will wear.
Pleased with purchaseéclair-synthétique