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The bracelet looked cheap but you get what you pay for. Unfortunately my bracelet broke because of a loose screw.
Liked the material
Holds everything and decent quality. I like the color.
Like every thing
To ware
Perfect and warm
Im a ladys medium but I got a mens small and it fit great
Bought it as a gift for bf. While the material does seem pretty awesome, I noticed that the sizing is in Korean. Hence, I'm not sure if this is authentic?
(Please note that this is my first time buying Calvin Klein).
Very good quality.
Excellent bag, exceeded my expectations by far.
The material is so soft, feels great
Plenty of pockets with lots of room for a crossbody.
Phone and /or glass pocket is only thing I can see wrong with this and that is so minor. My glasses fit well enough in another pocket. I don't carry cell phone so thought that would be good place to put them just not tall enough. (Hint,hint if you ever redesign, but DON'T change anything else) hoping this last for a long time. Thinking of purchasing again just to have extra one on hand . You will not go wrong in purchasing this .
My husbands favorite black socks.
looks good. works well.
The. est
These look very good on my spouse. Fit snug.
Good inexpensive belt to wear with jeans.
Quality wallet, well made.
She loves the patterns!
Just as I needed. thanks
Great athletic socks. I found them way more comfortable and better looking than the big name brands.
I loved my new sunglasses
I like the waistband.
First off I paid full price for this wallet and did not receive it for evaluation purposes. Secondly, I did return it because I couldn't decide between this one and a flip up ID style wallet without trying them both out. I did eventually go with the other one but this is still a really nice wallet for the money.

The leather is really soft and nicely textured, it has a matte finish which I preferred over a shiny one.
When the wallet is closed it has a spine like a hardcover book; this means it will stay flat even when stuffed with cards, and the cash pockets fold open straight without a kink which makes getting at cash a lot easier.
The cards all sit at different heights, unlike some wallets where the bottom two cards sit at the same level making that middle card hard to extract.
Cards slide in and out pretty easily with your thumb but won't fall out. As the wallet wears it will probably get even easier.
The ID holder is tall, my license fits with plenty of extra room on the top and bottom; if you have an oversized ID this will come in handy.
Overall quality seems excellent, as for durability, I'll never know...

It's tall, or rather wide when it's sitting in my back pocket; this made getting it out a bit harder. On the plus side it will probably never fall out by accident.
It's thick; you'll probably feel it more when you're sitting on it. This is due to the width as well as the thickness, narrower wallets tend to move out of the way when I sit on them.

This is a really nice wallet and I hated to return it, but I only need one and the smaller one fit me better.
You get what you paid for already tarnishing.
This is the 3rd time buying this same belt and all 3 were the same size. The newer version is considerably shorter than the last one. They must measure from the holes not the actual belt size. With the newer one the holes start at the very end of the belt versus re older one that had 3-4 inches of leather before the holes started. This one fits but, there is very little belt left over. The holes are also much harder to find and harder to get the prongs through. Maybe time to switch it up?
I'm happy with it. Looks good and holds all I need er to
Good qulaity
Love these shirts.
If you struggle to see at night because of up coming traffic or the rain I highly recommend this glasses. I am a construction worker and I drive 200 miles a day just to go to work and this glasses helps a lot and you can just put them over your own glasses and they dont even feel like they are there. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!
It was a little long but the buckle is very easy to remove and the belt can be shortened without a problem. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.